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Do you know if your vehicle is aligned?

When your vehicle's wheels are properly aligned, you will get the most life out of your expensive tires. Driving on rough roads, striking potholes or curbs and even normal driving will affect your alignment. If you notice your car drifts to one side or your steering wheel shakes at faster speeds, this could mean you need an alignment. We provide complete wheel alignment services for cars and trucks.  


We use a computerized machine to make adjustments to your suspension system to ensure your wheels are rolling straight and true.  The measurements and adjustments consist of the primary angles of the caster, cambers, and toes, as well as adjustment for the secondary angles.


Our technicians can often tell if you need an alignment simply by examining your tires and noticing how the tread is wearing. Stop in today and speak with our team to learn more.

Wheel alignment options:

  • Computerized alignment machine

  • Tires rotated and replaced

  • Wheels mounted and balanced

  • 2 wheel and 4 wheel alignments 

Is your vehicle properly aligned?

Wheel alignment will reduce tread wear on your tires!