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Maintenance and diagnostics

Your vehicle needs regular maintenance to keep it running at peak performance. One of these services is a routine tune-up. This may require engine work or simply replacing your spark plugs and wires. Once you've had a tune-up you may notice your vehicle has more power and gets better gas mileage.


If your vehicle is running rough we can conduct a computerized scan that will interact with your vehicle's on-board computer to identify where there may be issues. Our troubleshooting will quickly locate the problem and we'll discuss needed repairs. We do top quality general repair for all vehicles.  

Diagnostic and tune-up services:

  • Computerized diagnostic scan to identify problems

  • Professional equipment

  • Spark plugs, wires and distributor replaced

  • Fuel inductors and injectors cleaned

  • Fuel filters

  • Engine repairs

  • Certified and skilled mechanics

  • Vehicle inspections available

Keep your vehicle running great

Regular tune-ups will give you consistent power!